Sunday, July 8, 2012


I spent more time on my motorcycle in May than I did in the art studio. Hey! All art and no adventure would make for a very dull woman. Yes, at age 63 (almost 64), I ride a 2010 Harley Davidson 883L. That "L" stands for low, which is important since I'm less than 5ft tall. I've only been riding for about 3 years. If we are new friends, ask me next time we meet and I'll explain how I got started with this very exciting hobby.

On May 16th I rode with a group of FHOGs (Fairfax Harley Owner Group) on the RIDE TO SEE AND BE SEEN. Which means we cruised from the Fairfax Harely dealer's lot one evening to Old Towne Alexandria; just for the pleasure of riding and showing off our bikes. And while there are three ladies in the pixs; I was the only one riding my own bike that night.

But the big event of the weekend was the Memorial Day RIDE OF THE PATRIOTS. The event starts at the Patriot Harely dealership on the Sunday prior to Memorial Day and it goes down I-66 to the Pentagon where most participants then join the ROLLING THUNDER ride around DC. I bailed before the Pentagon; because that involves sitting and waiting another 4-5 hours just to start that ride.

What makes RIDE OF THE PATRIOTS so much fun is all the excitment before the ride, including a marching band, bag pipes and words of patriotic inspiration from vets and local politicians. Then all 5,000+ bike riders are led by the Fairfax County Police Officers down I-66......all ramps shut just for our bikes. And together we enjoy 28 miles of slow riding fun. This was also a first for me. Not my first time to attend or volunteer; but my first time to ride my own bike and I had a blast.
Rolling down I-66 to the Pentagon....see me...way in the back!
Fun as usual w Mary and Barb

Fairfax police bikes; at the ready
Me and Rebel Red; at the ready...sort
Thanks to Jan Thompson for this pix; just a small part of the group waiting to get onto I-66

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