Monday, November 11, 2013

When I created this blog, I knew I would not be very good at posting regularly. But even I was surprised to realize it's been almost a year since my last post.So to my legion of 12 followers; my apologies please. But it's been a good year and I've spent these past 10 months doing the 2 things I enjoy the most at this time in my life: riding my motorcycle and creating new works of art - exploring ways to stretch my imagination and my artistic skills.'s been a good year for riding my Harley. Last Dec I traded my Sportster 883 for a larger 2012 Dyna with an engine size of 1585. Which means Lady Merlot is almost twice as powerful as Rebel Red. But more important, she is a lot more comfortable and stable to ride.
As a result, I've logged almost 4,000 miles on the bike since last March; which is more than I put on Rebel Red over a 3 year period. So it's been a good year because of all the great time I've spent riding locally and even 6 hour trip to West Virginia to see my folks.'s been a good year for Arting!I didn't exhibit this past spring or summer; a point I plan to correct for 2014. But I did make it back for the 3rd year to Del Ray Art on the Avenue in October.  The weather was fabulous, the crowd was large and the sales were respectable. 

So thanks to everyone who supported this effort. I have a lot of very loving and encouraging friends who have been supporting my artistic efforts. And some of these friends took the time to help me with my booth at Art on the Avenue. Thanks to a lot of hard work from fellow artist Jen Athanas I had a great looking booth this year! I created 3 new sets of screens for hanging. But Jen helped put up the tent, walls, and weights and then she helped me arrange the art for the best presentation! Thanks also to Karen Campbell for spending time with me helping me sell and giving me those very important breaks. And thanks also to Gordon Johnson for helping me take the whole show down and get the car packed at the end of a long hard.......but fun day.

 Next up is the DRA Holiday Market. I'll be there the 3rd weekend in December. Hope to see you there as well.

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