Friday, June 12, 2015


This July I'm excited to be offering two workshops at the Del Ray Artisan Gallery for their GUAC or Grown Up Art Camp. The Gallery has offered art camps for kids for several years. But last year we decided that adults needed a little time for artistic fun as well. This year, I'm offering two workshops. Both only 1/2 day and both involve the creative us of recycled aluminum soda cans.

To sign up for my workshops or any of the other outstanding options, go to the Del Ray Artisan Gallery website at this link: Del Ray Artisan Art Camp Calendar 2015

Come join me and let's have some fun.....let's be creative with recycling. Come join me and let's work together to save the planet; one soda can at a time!!!


DATE: Friday, July 10; 10 am to 12:30
$45 DRA (Del Ray Artisan) Members
$55 non-DRA Members
$10 Supply fee
CLASS SIZE: 5-15 Participants

Want to make a fashion statement this summer?                                 
Then join the fun and make your own unique 
earrings from your favorite aluminum beverage
can. Participants will use scrapbook punches to
cut earring shapes, which will be embossed 
with a Cutterbug Machine. These light weigh 
accessories are so much fun you'll want to
make them for all your friends. 

All supplies and some tools provided. Instructor (that's me) will have 100's of pre-cut cans. But if you want a specific color, flavor, or brand, bring 2 clean (un-cut) soda cans for each pair of earrings you want to make. Tools list is sent at registration.



DATE: Friday, July 10; 2 TO 6:00 PM
$65 DRA (Del Ray Artisan) Members
$75 non-DRA Members
$10 Supply fee
CLASS SIZE: 5-10 Participants

Want It's never too early to start working on your holiday greeting cards! Join this workshop
and learn a quick 3-step process to turn junk mail postcards into recycled seasonal fun.
participant will collage the front of postcards with mixed papers. Pine trees pre-cut from
recycled aluminum soda cans will then be machine stitched over the collage. 

In step 3 participants complete each card by machine stitching a finishing paper to the back. These completed postcards can be mailed without an envelope. All supplies provided, except
sewing machine, thread and needles. Complete supply list will be sent after registration. 

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