Monday, January 18, 2016

The Five Year Plan


In April 2010 I exhibited my first 2 pieces of art at the Del Ray Artisan (DRA) Gallery here in Northern Virginia. My only goal was to see the word “artist” behind my name.  I set a new goal at the start of 2011, to see if I could sell my art by participating in the DRA Summer Market and then the October community Art on the Avenue Festival.  

Thanks to the support and encouragement of friends, family and new patrons, I set a new goal at the end of the year.

At that point, I decided I would give myself 5 years to see if this artful adventure was going to be just a hobby, or if it was something that I would enjoy doing through my retirement years as a small business venture.

Since 2010 I’ve worked to stretch my skills and creativity at cutting and sewing fabric and recycled aluminum from soda cans. At the same time I also explored larger and larger venues for exhibiting.  Last year I attended two new events.   

I was accepted to attend the Taubman Museum of Art’s Spring Art Sale which was an excellent event. Then in October I attended The Crozet Fall Festival, a lovely event near Charlottesville, VA. As a result of attending the Crozet event, I received a very unexpected invitation in December to participate in my largest event to date.  

Along with 400 other vendors I will be exhibiting my art in Booth #3611 at the Spring Southern Home & Garden Show in Charlotte, NC over two weekends: Feb 26 to 28 and March 4 to 8.  

My booth is in Independence Hall at the Park Expo and Conference Center. Show exhibitors include all manner of builders, contractors, interior and exterior designers and decorators, landscapers and home furnishing companies. The Independence Hall exhibitors are largely focused on interior goods, services, art, design and "green" products plus the artists and craftsmen.

Below are just a few samples of my art. Right now I’m busy creating several new pieces which I will preview here as we get closer to the show. In the mean time you can always follow my most recent efforts on my Facebook page Cut Sew Create Studio.   
Fresca with gold fabric
Blue Circles (MONSTER soda)

You can follow my artful  
adventures as 
Cut Sew Create Studio on:
Silver and Gold (Coke can only; no fabric)

Recycled Patriotism (Pepsi and Coke cans)


Dew on the Mountain (Mt. Dew Cans)

Why aluminum cans?
I’ve been sewing since I was about 12 years old which would be over 55 years now.  I made clothing and a few traditional quilts as my children were growing up. I was an art major in college but I never made time to create art other than through sewing.   

Then about 7 years ago I met Judy Gula, at a Sewing Expo. Judy is an artist and the owner of Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria. As soon as I visited her store, I knew I wanted to create mixed media art. 

I started taking classes and one day we were stitching paper, then I was stitching paper and fabric together. And at some point……..I decided to cut apart an aluminum soda can to 
Recycled Affordable Housing (Blue)
see if I could sew it along with the 

paper and fabric. And I’ve been doing it ever since; saving the planet 1 colorful soda can at a time. And I’ve been doing it ever since; saving the planet 1 colorful soda can at a time. 
Recycled Affordable Housing (Red)

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