Friday, February 3, 2012

Art for the weekend

Tomorrow evening is the opening reception for the February show at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery. I've been a member of the gallery for almost 2 years now and it has been such a great experience. I've met some exceptionally talented people, learned so much and had a wonderful time. If you can make time, come join us tomorrow night or drop by the gallery some time this month to catch the show:
The Games People Play
An all media exhibit of artwork inspired by the various games people play throughout life.
February 3,26, 2012
DEL RAY ARTISANS @ the Nicholas A Colasanto Center
2704 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301
Check out the website for dates and times of several special activities during the show

My entry for the show is: DC CANDY LAND - (The Game of) POLITICAL SCANDALS
I started with a Cand Land board that I copied and slightly enlarged.
Next I painted out the copyright images of traditional Candy Land characters; creating a sort of forest back drop. Then I machine stitched black bias tape around the edges of the existing colored game tracks. Using a second copy of the board, I cut out the game path and stitched black bias tape around these as well. Then I stitched the paper copy of the board, along with the extra paths, onto a large piece of red fabric. I framed the new game board with original game card, stamping the title along the top and bottom rows.
Next came the fun (for me). After some extensive Wikipedia research, I identified a group of US Presidents, Senators and other persons of interest who where involved with or somehow linked to a political scandal in DC. I finished off the piece by "throwing" around lots of 3-D candy. Your job is to identify the political figures and match them to the scandals.  I'll try to post the images and matching cards here before the weekend is over. In the mean time.....enjoy...and see how many of the 42 people you can identify without any help. And Uncle Sam doesn't count.

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