Saturday, May 12, 2012


Over the March 17th weekend, all 105 Power Suit Art Quilts were on display at the Lancaster Quilt Show, in Lancaster, PA. Thanks to Cyndi Souder for booking our quilts for this show and then spending the weekend interpreting our art to others.

If you're not familiar with the Power Suit project, allow me to provide the back story. Cindy is an SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Association) member who teaches several different types of art quilt classes in the NOVA area. One of her favorite classrooms is at Judy Gula's shop: Artistic Artifacts, in Alexandria. So when these two gals get together, exciting things are always happen.

The Power Suit Challenge was created by Cyndi, and launched with a lot of help from Judy after Cyndi was given a pallet full of swatch books filled with suiting and shirt fabric. Together, Cyndi and Judy packed the swatch books into kits after adding ties and buttons. These free kits were distributed Artistic Artifacts store and show customers. The issued challenge was to create an 18"x18" art quilt using some of the kit fabric using the theme: Power Quilts. A grand total of 105 kits were returned as finished art quilts. The first display of the quilts occurred at Artistic Artifacts, and Cyndi is now presenting the small quilts around the country at large shows.

To read more about the Power Suit quilts, and to perhaps book a showing in your area, you can check out Cyndi's website Moonlighting Quilts at:

Cyndi and Judy are also selling a CD with images and descriptions of all the quilts. And of course Cyndi would be delighted to talk with you about displaying the quilts at your event. In later posts I'll include upcoming dates and maybe even highlight some of the fabulous individual entries. To learn more about mixed media quilts and other upcoming art events check out the Artistic Artifact website at: . Or visit Judy Gula's blog at:

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